Our Vision and Mission

Truthjam is about one thing: celebrating humanity’s wisdom. Every human being has incredible and oftentimes un-mined, unrealized, unexpressed wisdom. The residing place of this wisdom is the very place we find common ground, harmony, unity and community. This wisdom is the fruit of personal experience and the reflection upon this experience that leads to insight, peace, purpose and all the qualities that are essential to being human beings. This is what enables us to live in greater harmony with one another. This wisdom is waiting to be shared. Our common culture teaches us to look to others as the bearers of wisdom.

Truthjam stands up for a belief that everyone has it within, and we all have something to learn from each other. We intend to help humanity realize the freedom of using their voices to express with confidence…which in turn will liberate the human heart.

In our western culture we live a paradox. The United States boasts of the fundamental right to freedom of expression, and yet individuals are not unilaterally encouraged to express freely, and even less frequently find themselves heard or accepted without judgment. Culture, religion, and mores passed through generations have left many of our people bereft of the inner confidence that leads to the knowing that ALL have wisdom and VOICING it can build up our world.

When we level the playing field, we come to a new place of dissolving the boundaries that keep us separate. These divisions happen on every level from race and gender to differing beliefs and ideologies extending into the way we keep our selves separate in our own minds.

Truthjam will offer a safe non-judgmental space to meet each other in new ways, and from their come to new unforeseen possibilities for a world of compassion, harmonious innovation, and authentic connection. This takes the greatest courage. The ripple effect happens, as one person is built up, the whole is built up as well.

Within us is a potential beyond imagining and it is there, and only there, that we tap the resource that leads to wholeness.

Our mission is to place ourselves at the service of this end through the video forum and all the juicy interchange and activities that will support the vision.

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