Get Involved

Be a Partner

Do you have an idea for a win-win relationship? Would you like to bring your gifts into service with Truthjam?

Do you know a way we can support you in return?

Then you may be a great candidate for partnership.  Call creator, Kimberly Braun 941-284-3036 to begin the discussion.

Be a Supporter

Personal Wealth Happens In Many Ways
Would you join yours to the vision of Truthjam?

~Financial Supporters
Check out our PowerPoint Deck and Business Plan  

~Skillful Marketers
We are looking for strategists and those to implement.

We are open to new ideas and want to stay on the edge of the virtual world at all times!
(we are actively looking for funding to offer salary or contract)

~Technically Savvy Ones
Our long term website will be a work of sophisticated technical art.

Would you like to help us problem solve the functionality goals we have?
(another role for which we are seeking funding)

Bring Us To You

Do you have an idea for a focus series? Perhaps children at a school, a socially active or ‘in need’ group in your community, your workplace, meetup group, service organization or? We are hear to create an unforgettable experience uniting people in a new way, creating playfulness and renewal, or even supporting a cause by adding to the exposure. Call creator Kimberly to explore possibilities! 941-284-3036

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